About me. Hmm. I’m actually a pretty open book. I’ve done some fun things, and have some fun stories. When I was younger, I was a bit of an adventure seeker, when time allowed it. I chased the ‘bucket list’ a bit back in those days… but, not quite so much any more. Back in the day, I like to tell people that I’ve jumped out of planes, been bitten by snakes, swam with crocodiles in Africa, fished for piranha on the Amazon, had a bald eagle swoop down at me, and the such. And, it’s all mostly true. These days, however, I’m fairly content with family and work. I still like to travel a bit, but, it’s mostly family and work.


Work is a blend of commercial work  illustrating and designing for various companies… logos, puzzle books, branding, websites and illustrating children’s books for self-publishers. Both branches bring me enjoyment along with appropriate challenges. Either way, I thoroughly enjoy illustrating, and I could to do it in a variety of avenues.


Family is my wife, my daughter and I. All three of us have a bit of an artistic bent. My wife is spectacular at making hand made cards, and my daughter is well on her way to being a great animator. I suppose I could include the three dogs and the cat as ‘extended family.’ They think they’re family, but I like to keep a little boundary thing going. We also are often amidst a slew of other animals at my mom’s ‘homestead,’ but they definitely aren’t family. Dinner maybe. But not family.


Regarding the history behind my illustration, it’s one of those things you hear a lot… “I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil.” That’s mostly true… so, I’ve been told. I enjoy pushing the dynamics in my illustrations. I often go for the unique angle or the exaggerated gesture, if the story allows for it. But, I also like ‘pace,’ so it affords me the opportunity to switch up the perspective, the composition, the relationship of objects in the frame… from page to page. I really enjoy that variety. And, speaking of variety… you’ll see just a hint of that in my portfolio (that’s mild sarcasm). I’ve illustrated in most every medium, but I’ve sort of landed the plane a bit on the digital approach… both color and black and white.


I could probably go on and on, but your attention span is probably already being challenged. If there’s more you want to know, I’m happy to oblige. Just contact me if that’s the case, and ask away.